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Buying a Gun On the Internet

The internet has done many wonderful things when it comes to shopping for our everyday needs.  In today's age, we can literally purchase everything we need or want without ever having to leave our homes.  Guns, however, are slightly different. While we can shop and purchase firearms online through sites like GunBroker, GunsAmerica, and AuctionArms, we still need to find a way to get that firearm to us.  That is where your local Federal Firearms License (FFL) holder comes into play.  

I purchased a gun online, now what do I do?

So you won the auction, or you had the luck to find one of those "Buy It Now" sales.  Now what do you do?  First, you complete the transaction with the seller on the site.  Next, you need to let your local FFL know that you are purchasing a firearm and would like to use the local FFL for the transfer.

How do I know who to use for my local FFL?

Well, let Final Shot Armory be your local FFL and complete the transfer for you. When you make the purchase, let us know. We will send our license information to the seller.  At Final Shot Armory, this whole process is completed electronically, with a quick email to the seller.  After that, you sit back and wait for the seller to ship the firearm to Final Shot Armory.  This usually takes 1-5 business days, depending on the shipping arrangements you have made with the seller.  When the firearm arrives, we will call you to come in and fill out a Form 4473.  

So my firearm arrived at Final Shot Armory, now I can get my gun!

Whoa - hold your horses!  The Federal Government requires some specific steps in order for the final step of the transfer to occur.  First, you must fill out a Form 4473 in our office.  ATF Form 4473 is commonly called a NICS check or a background check.  This ensures that you are legally able to own/possess a gun and pass the NICS background check.  But don't fret; this form only takes a few minutes.  You will need to present a government issued ID, fill out the form, and answer a short series of questions. Remember, you must have a current, valid Texas ID with a Texas address to have a handgun transferred to you.  Then Final Shot Armory will run a quick background check through NICS.  If you are a current LTC holder, you can present your valid license and skip the background check. Once the background check is complete with approval, the firearm is officially yours. Congrats!

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